"Anything is possible, and the unexpected is inevitable. Proceed accordingly."

- Jason Zweig, author and personal finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal


Alignment of Interests

As investors themselves, Pando's founding partners spent years in search of a wealth management strategy that offered goal-based planning, a sophisticated and disciplined investment process, and a justifiable fee structure. In a crowded financial advisory market, however, such a strategy remained elusive for Catherine, Financial Advisor and Teri, Financial Advisor. After decades of advising leading global corporations and institutions, Catherine and Teri decided to deliver such an offering directly to their private clients.

Today, Pando Partners of Raymond James offers a distinct mix of highly personalized service, quality investing resources and strategies, and value-based fees*. We are your advocate, diligently working to help you and your family implement your wealth management strategy in whatever way benefits you the most.

*We determine a fee-level for each client depending on where, after discovery, the client would find the greatest value in engaging us. For example, clients who desire holistic financial planning and having us 'on call' could have a different fee than a client of the same size who only engages us for portfolio management.

Please note: Diversification and strategic asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Investments are subject to market risk, including possible loss of principal. The process of rebalancing may carry tax consequences. Changes in tax laws may occur at any time and could have a substantial impact upon each person's situation. While we are familiar with the tax provisions of the issues presented herein, as Financial Advisors of Raymond James & Associates, we are not qualified to render advice on tax or legal matters.

Achieving your personal goals drives everything we do.
"All of the people I met there, passionate young people, truly believed they were changing the world, not selling Apple computers."

- Randy Komisar, Author, The Monk and the Riddle

Social impact forms a common thread woven through the lives of highly successful people.

The more we explore the stories of great personal achievement, from Bill Gates (Microsoft) to Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) to Julie Foudy (US Olympic Women's Soccer Captain & Champion), the more we see that the passions and values that led to success consistently extended beyond career and self, to family and community.

At Pando, social, charitable, and community impact is at the heart of our passions and values. Our commitment to effect positive and sustainable change in our communities, and beyond, inspires our continuous learning and our contributions of time, work, and money.

Many of our clients share the same ideals. As we seek to align our clients' charitable goals with their financial and investment goals, we share our knowledge and resources in trust and charitable financial planning, impact investing, and community outreach.

We are inspired by entrepreneurs, like  Warby Parker and Kate Spade, who combine their innovative genius with social good. And by companies, like Bridgespan, who apply private enterprise best practices to global societal challenges, creating sustainable, long-term solutions.

Through our alumni affiliation with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, we follow the research and experiences of some of foremost global thought leaders in social impact investing. In Wharton's latest report, two of the most important aspects of impact investing are explored: financial returns and long-term impact.

Pando Partners is committed to acquiring and sharing knowledge in this innovative field, as well as investing alongside companies and clients with a strong social commitment.

The expanding list of causes that inspire us to do more each day in our quest to serve others, include:

Raymond James is not affiliated with any of the listed organizations.