At Pando Partners, we are a different kind of wealth management firm. We are inspired by you.

Your stories. Your triumphs. Your challenges.

We also know what it takes to win. In work and in life.

What does winning look like to you? What fuels your dreams?

Empowered with this understanding, we guide decision-making in all aspects of your financial life.

Your Vision. Our Expertise.

Together, we are defining what it means to multiply life's possibilities.


"A thoughtful advisor can meaningfully improve the well-being of a family."

- Dr. Richard Marston, Ph.D., Professor of Finance, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Why Pando?

For many, the pursuit of wealth is long and hard-fought. Once attained, financial well-being introduces its own set of challenges. The desire to grow wealth competes with the fear of losing it.

History has shown us, however, that emotions and investing are a bad mix indeed.

In many ways, successful investing is about controlling your emotions. While you can't predict market fluctuations, you can prepare for them.

At Pando Partners of Raymond James, our mission is clear: We seek to improve your life by managing wealth strategies designed to help you live and retire confidently.

We care about you, the person behind the investments.

Understanding your goals, dreams, and even fears, provides the core mission underlying the personalized strategies we create for you. With an intimate understanding of your priorities, we can help design a pathway intended to guide the achievement of what matters most in your life.

At Pando, financial management transcends sterile sets of facts and figures by providing a nourishing climate within which clients can multiply life's possibilities, now and for generations to come.

Your Wealth Mission


When it comes to your financial goals, we cut through the noise to find what matters. We listen carefully to understand clearly your financial vision. We share our knowledge and create strategies aligned with your wealth mission.


Would knowledge of financial market history have changed your actions in the depths of past stock market declines? Perhaps. We believe history can, and should, inform investment decisions.


Imagine your financial future. What does that look like? What values would you share with future generations? What will your legacy be? The possibilities for your life and your wealth are endless.


At Pando Partners of Raymond James, we are in constant pursuit of ideas to help simplify your choices, clarify your thinking and multiply your life's possibilities.


We listen and understand your wealth mission.  Collaborating with your financial advisory team, including CPAs, estate attorneys, and others, we strive to achieve your most treasured goals.


We open your mind to what’s possible.  Listening to your dreams, hopes, and even fears, provides the foundation upon which your financial plan is built.


We carefully craft an investment strategy designed to achieve the outcomes you desire most.  Your investment mindset, approach, and purpose all play a defining role.


We identify risks and uncover opportunities with your wealth mission in mind.  Asset location, diversification, and rebalancing help to manage risk and minimize taxes.


We plan for your future seeking opportunities to support your personal growth.  Whether financing a new home, venture, property, or more, we collaborate to accomplish your dreams.


We help you prepare for generational wealth transfer. Open and early communication can limit unintended consequences.  Family and charitable giving goals can be achieved through tax-efficient structures and clear directives.