What is the CEPA, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, designation?

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) is a unique designation for financial professionals who advise business owners on how to sell or transition their business successfully, a strategy referred to as ‘exit planning’.

The CEPA designation was established in 2007 by the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), a company focused on educating professional advisors globally on how they can support the success of business owners to maximize value and sell on their terms through a business transition. 

Why is it important?

Most business owners are keenly focused on business plans and financials, often at the expense of their own personal planning. Having an advisor who has earned the CEPA designation helps owners build more valuable companies, align their business and personal financial goals and create a solid personal financial plan that can help an owner transition with confidence knowing their financial bases are covered. 

How can working with a CEPA help me?

At Pando Partners Wealth Management of Raymond James, we collaborate with you on personal and financial goals for you, your family and beyond. Most importantly, we also give thoughtful consideration to your business goals with the guidance we provide. We take a holistic approach to help you develop a sound financial strategy that integrates all aspects of your life.

When you work with a CEPA, you’ll get an expert who will examine issues related to your professional industry; your tolerance for risk; your timeline for retirement and/or your next enterprise(s); and other critical areas of operating a business. We’ll help you explore the right time and range of options available to transition your business and how to minimize taxes prior to your exit across a variety of strategies.

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