About Pando 

United by a friendship spanning more than 30 years, Pando Partners of Raymond James' founders, Catherine Miller and Teri Benson, began their days in finance together and spent the next two decades pursuing separate, yet parallel career paths. Even when divided by oceans, their friendship strengthened and their passion embodied in the education and service of others remained.

While studying for her MBA at The Wharton School, Catherine was inspired by the leadership of Dr. Stewart Friedman. Professor Friedman is renowned for his research in work-life integration and the powerful success stories of leaders who have learned to harmonize life's competing priorities. Today, Dr. Friedman's work supports the values of Pando Partners, the wealth management practice which has reunited Catherine and Teri.

Pando Partners' core mission centers on understanding each client's aspirations for life and legacy, and creating wealth strategies designed to help enable these aspirations to take root and spread.

Limitless personal growth is embodied in the Pando Partners name, and in nature. "Pando" exists as the world's largest living being. Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains of South Central Utah, Pando appears as a forest of beautiful aspens. In fact, this entire forest of over 47,000 trees is a single organism, stemming from an original tree some 80,000 years ago, and now sharing one massive, regenerating root structure.

As nature's purest example of the power of the "multiplier effect," Pando serves as an inspiration to Catherine and Teri that their clients' greatest ambitions can be achieved, with vision, planning, and professional financial management.

Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse the opinions or services of Dr. Stewart Friedman.

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